Training «Talent Attraction based on EVP and Employer Branding» in Kiev soon

On October 12Digest HR Outlook and DOPOMOGA IT&Telecom Resources, organize a training on "Talent Attraction strategy based on EVP and Employer Branding" in Kiev.

The aim of the workshop is to give practical knowledge and a set of tools that allows anyone to audit, evaluate, and develop an ad hoc talent attraction strategy based on the company culture and employee value proposition, leveraging conventional and unconventional recruitment strategies such as recruitment marketing and inbound talent attraction. The workshop explains how to identify the CVP(candidate value proposition), understand the differences between employer branding and employment branding, along with other concepts, in order build a solid talent community to be nurtured on the long-term.

Speaker: Adriano Corso, Recruiting Marketing Manager in Davis Nolan and Next Generation, where he works to develop innovative talent attraction strategies leveraging inbound marketing. Previously Talent Community Manager and Recruitment Marketing Consultant with IBM Talent Acquisition & Optimization, where he was working to solution digital and online recruitment marketing activities for the IBM’s RPO division.

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It's time to gather in the 7 th time - in Kiev to Outsource People!

2 times a year, directors and executives of service IT companies from all countries of Eastern Europe come to a megacity conference - the Outsource People conference!
It's time to gather for the 7th time - in Kiev, on October 13-14, 2017.

Outsource People is an international specialized business conference in the field of software development services. It is designed to exchange business experience with the development of service business, access to Western markets and the creation of strong teams.

The event is characterized by thought-out networking and strong reports of 6 streams in 2 days: Business Strategy, Sales in IT, Marketing in IT, Operational Development, Work for E-commerce, Fail Track.
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Level of participants: Founder, CEO, Sales/Marketing manager, Business Developer, Business Analyst, Project Manager. We expect 1500 participants (last year there were 1000 people gathered).

Well-known speakers have already confirmed their participation:
David Brown - CEO @ TemplateMonsters;
Zhenya Rosinsky - Strategic advisor @ Mirigos;
Viktor Shalnev - CEO @ NIX Solutions Ltd;
Manuel De Vits - Sales and Marketing Consultant @It Outsourcing Companies;
Alexander Honey - CEO & Founder @ AltexSoft;
Matt Moore - Chairman @ TEAM International;

What will happen to Outsource People 2017 Kyiv:
- discussion of trends and important events in the business of software development services;
- the analysis of successful ideas and causes of failures when entering different markets;
- training in new methods of marketing and sales to Western customers;
- exchange of subtleties in work with clients in the sphere of e-commerce;
- recommendations for the organization of remote teams, correct delegation, effective communication with clients;
- reviews of directions for company development and creation of own product.

The main chip conference is the strongest community of smart and purposeful people. People who can do business and want to do it better.
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See you in Kiev on October 13 and 14!

Career guidance module Kids IT starts on June 19 in Kiev

Summer session Kids IT starts on 19 June in Kiev. We invite to the project teenagers of 13-16 y.o., who would like to get acquainted with the IT sphere.

The module aims to help students find their calling, to give opportunity to try out as an IT-specialist and pass through all the processes of specialty by themselves. Participants will gain new knowledge and skills, have fun and meet new friends.

With the help of professionalism of coaches in 4 days students dig into the atmosphere of IT-agency, will get know the main trends of the IT market, get acquainted with professionals of IT sphere. Also get tips on how they can implement theirselfs in this direction now.

Module Kids IT will be held from 19 till 22 June (Mon-Thu) from 10:00 to 14:00 in Kyiv. Time of classes may change.
To participate in module Kid IT complete the registration form: https: // 

Participation is free, seating is limited.

On 27 May will be held jubilee International IT HR Forum: IT Recruitment & Management 3.0

Оn 27 May in Kiev will be held the largest event - 5th International IT HR Forum: IT Recruitment & Management 3.0.

IT Recruitment & Management 3.0 is a place of meeting for professionals in the field of HR management in IT and business owners from all over Ukraine, for sharing experiences, discussing topical issues and gaining practical and effective methods of managing human resources.

Experts from Europe and Ukraine will share their experience. Speakers who already confirmed participation:
- Anna Lewis, academic leader of the MA program in Human Resources and Organization Development LvBS, Great Britain. More than 20 years of experience in HR with such companies, Yamaha, Samsung, Mott McDonald (UK) and Heineken Poland.
- Nadezhda Vasilieva, General Manager at Microsoft HUB, PhD.
- Alexey Sokolov, CEO of Sky-tech.
- Elena Markina, Employee Experience Manager in HRN Budapest, Hungary.
- Tatyana Murashchenko, CEO, Recruiting Melon Agency, Poland
- Alexey Shunaev, HR Marketing Specialist, DataArt, St. Petersburg
- Anna Kozakova, Co-founder of the consulting company "Achievement House", IT recruiting expert.
- Anastasia Stetsenko, HR Marketing Specialist, DataArt
- Katerina Drobot, PR & Communications Manager, MacPaw

Do not miss the opportunity to become a participant of the largest event dedicated to the management of human resources in IT sphere, to present your company and to receive useful information for further professional development.

More detailed information, as well as the conditions for participation and registration on the Forum:,
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This Saturday DOPOMOGA IT & Telecom Resources has been a participant of the conference WOW-IT: PM & HR of the unique cycle WOW-IT events based on synergies in the interaction of different areas in IT.
From the beginning, it was very fast and is designed to ensure that Saturday was held not only productive but also actively. At the same time there are 4 areas: HR, PM, Inspiration, Gamification. The first two were given the opportunity to get answers to questions and dive into the nuances of the head, the second two were designed to show new techniques, as well as give an opportunity to "reboot" and start to work with renewed vigor. It is also not without its event character - a chameleon!
Ended Conference general discussion panel "The strengths of the weaker sex", and after that we just went into the lead with African drums;)
As a result we have a lot of new information, dating techniques and just a good mood! Thanks to the organizers for most would be so! :)

We are glad to share joyful news: our dream-team in Lviv moved! :) Now our habitat in a bright and sunny Z-One Hub, which is located in Lviv on the street. Tchaikovsky, 27, a three-minute walk from the avenues of Liberty and Shevchenko, near the Lviv Opera House and Market Square. Come visit! We will be glad to see you! ;)

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